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About Natalie




“I love making portraits. For as long as I can remember, I want to draw portraits. Except for a ‘horse phase’, you will mostly find faces, eyes, noses and mouths in my old sketchbooks. At this moment I’m working on a series revolving around my family. This came about quite naturally. After a drawing of my niece, I really wanted to capture my pregnant sister, which of course led to a drawing of her with her baby boy and of him as a toddler. Family from before my time are also a source of inspiration; I’m now working on drawings and paintings around my great-grandparents.




It can also be complete strangers that have that special something I want to try and capture. And every now and again, I exchange people for animals with expressive eyes such as cats and owls. So in a sense they’re still portraits. I work on various sizes and surfaces.


In my charcoal drawings I play with light, dark and leaving out lines and I use different textures or toned backgrounds. My oil paintings are fairly classical with some loose marks here and there.



Whatever material I’m working with, I mainly focus, besides likeness, on capturing a look in someone’s eyes, because that is what draws me the most to portraiture. For the foreseeable future, I’ll definitely continue with this; there are many looks to capture and I’m nowhere near done collecting them all.”









Key Dates:

2006-2008: orientation course at an art academy in Belgium.

2008-2014: studied Drawing at an art academy in Belgium.

2014: graduated top of her class, subsequent exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Hoogstraten.

Since 2014: started exhibiting in group exhibitions.

Since 2015: started teaching drawing and painting workshops to kids at primary schools and day-care centres under the name À la Prima.